Pricescope is the premier diamond and jewelry community on the Internet. With over 79,000 registered users and over 400,000 unique visitors per month, Pricescope is the leading independent and unbiased resource for diamond information. Visitors to Pricescope find clear and concise tutorials from industry experts and have their questions answered by knowledgeable forum members. The majority of consumers go online to learn about diamonds, while 90% buy diamonds from brick and mortar shops. Pricescope exists to help consumers get the best value online or in-store. With a strict *no sales* policy, Pricescope provides a safe and spam-free environment for visitors to post opinions and write reviews of vendors. Shoppers have the freedom to discuss a range of topics from buying diamonds online to shopping experiences at Tiffany, Cartier, and local jewelers. Pricescope welcomes visitors with a comfortable atmosphere, and members from all over the world chat live 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Looking for a diamond?

Pricescope has a search function which helps buyers compare prices of over 350,000 diamonds from competing vendors. Shoppers are welcome to ask questions about specific stones on the forum. At Pricescope, visitors learn about the importance of a diamond’s cut. When a diamond is cut to certain proportions, it is brighter and sparklier than those that are poorly cut. Consumers discover how to save money by focusing on well-cut stones while learning about the fascinating properties of diamonds. With Pricescope, diamond buying is a less daunting task. Pricescope makes shopping for diamonds easier, safe and fun!

Who comes to Pricescope?

People come to Pricescope with questions about all things related to diamonds and jewelry. Examples include: Men and women looking for engagement rings and diamond information, jewelry enthusiasts, brides discussing wedding details, and trade members discussing the latest in diamond cut innovation and laboratory grading. Pricescope serves everyone with diamond and jewelry education and lively forum discussion.

How to use Pricescope

Pricescope is divided into 5 main categories to help people get all encompassing diamond and jewelry education.

1. Diamond and Jewelry Education

Pricescope’s tutorials and diamond and jewelry guides provide diamond education from the basics to advanced information for diamond enthusiasts and trade. In addition to the tutorials, we have a journal with published articles from knowledgeable trade members and blogs, which cover a variety of jewelry and diamond related topics.

2. Diamond, Gemstones, and Jewelry Forums

Chat and ask questions about diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.

Pricescope’s forums provide a place for visitors to ask any diamond and jewelry related questions with additional forums for brides, proposal and potential engagement discussion, and a family planning arena. One of the most popular is the Show Me the Bling forum where people showcase pictures of their latest purchases. In essence, Pricescope’s forums comprise a helpful and enthusiastic community of diamond and jewelry enthusiasts who help new visitors evaluate potential diamond and jewelry purchases in addition to a variety of other topics. The forums are closely monitored for spam, so people can write reviews of diamond vendors and freely discuss their potential purchases without disruption.

3. Find Diamonds and Compare Diamond Prices

Pricescope’s diamond search lets consumers compare diamond prices from a database of over 350,000 diamonds from reputable online and B &M vendors.

4. Diamond Resources and Tools

Whether you are looking for a local jeweler, an appraiser or jewelry designer, or you need the latest tool to help you find the best cut diamonds, the resource center has what you need.

5. Diamond and Jewelry Gallery

Enjoy an extensive gallery with pictures of all types of jewelry from engagement rings to great pictures of loose diamonds and colored gemstones.

Pricescope.com is the world’s leading diamond and jewelry community. Compare diamond prices, learn about diamonds, and chat about all things related to diamonds and jewelry. Independent and unbiased, Pricescope.com strives to help consumers get the best quality diamonds and jewelry for the best price.